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After asking a lot of questions to ourselves and giving a lot of thoughts, we have decided to launch our “Conia” service.

As a customer for ourselves, it is our wish to create a service that will be adored for long. When giving a lot of thoughts for selecting products, whether I wish to buy has always come before how salable the products are. We have strived to do something that will be beneficial for all of our customers and partners rather than pursuing short-term profits and growth. WE would like to share with you Conia’s essential values that has always been kept throughout the process.


Conia’s e-commerce model, based on its strong model/influencer management system, has potential for its unique way of growth. Made up of experts in various fields of expertise, Conia has completed its original system by organically cooperating with each other. As a platform run with very new business concept, Conia has combined e-commerce with its marketing expertise in connecting brand, products, and entertainment into one, and has been pursuing creation and distribution of new fashion and its original contents planning and differentiation.

03. Providing the best contents through innovation

Conia provides contents based on the model linkage of its mother company (Influencer & Influencer group), which gained fame through both domestic and foreign media. Conia’s unique contents, which is different from its previous product images, is created by our “Creative” team. Serving as a guide who can help customers actually wear the products and utilize for their styling, Conia’s unique contents will be your new favorite.

04. Marketing Planning and Brand Accelerating

We strategize brand image and positioning for the market the brand wishes to enter.

05. Customer’s happiness comes first

We wish to stay in your life as a service that provides happiness.
We wish to be your lifestyle partner by providing various contents and styling.

06. We support our business partners.

We pursue analytical thinking and efficient operation that utilizes growth hacking data.

07. We strive for a great WIN-WIN partnership.

We believe that Conia’s service brings virtuous circle for the coexistence between partners and customers.
In addition, we support our partners in various areas such as merchandising planning, content, marketing, brand PR, logistics, and design so that we can distribute great products in the best way Conia pursues.

08. We lead the changes and create new opportunities.

- Platform Development Team (From UX, UI to Growth hacking)
- Management Team (all models and IPs (copyrights, portrait rights, intellectual property rights) resolved and secured)
- Brand PR & Marketing Team
- E-commerce – product sourcing and operations management team

CONIA is a management company that can provide customized consultants as a cross-border platform partner with unlimited content, styling for the countries such as Korea, China, and the United States through the global connection held by Aconic. It provides value as a partner for entering the global market as well as in Korea.